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To Understand Police Reform, Law Professor Volunteered

As a reserve officer with the Washington, D.C. police department, Brooks received the same training as officers at the police academy and was sent on patrol like other police.


Malaysian Police Volunteer Reserve Video

The Malysia PVR celebrates 65 years of service with this video in recognition of the anniversary of their founding on May 3, 1956.


Defunding law enforcement: Opinion

VLEOA Board of Directors' Member Adam Dobrin provides an opinion about defunding the police as a guest columnist for the TCPalm.


OCSD Reserves

VIDEO: The Orange County (CA) Sheriff's Department salutes the 150 men and women who volunteer their time to serve as Reserves for the Orange County Sheriff's Department.


Reserves in the Cayman Islands

The Reserve force of the Cayman Islands helped solve police manpower shortages as the coronavirus crisis took over the Cayman Islands in early March.


"Behind the Star" PodCast: OCSO Reserves

PODCAST: The Orange County Sheriff's Office Reserve Unit is made up of more than 70 volunteer deputies.  "Behind the Star" host Jon Busdeker talks about the Reserve Unit with VLEOA president Ross Wolf.


Featured Article: The Guardian

‘I was told to stop Julian Assange if he tried to flee’: Part-time special constables haven’t been in such demand for decades. What makes a lawyer, priest or fast-food worker sign up to fight crime for free?


Special Impact and Volunteering Matters

"Special Impact" features great stories about UK volunteer policing.  You may also want to review "Volunteering Matters" to learn more about the great things that volunteers are doing for their communities in the UK.


Orange County (FL) Sheriff's Office

VIDEO: Reserve deputies donate their time and expertise to their communities and the sheriff's office, and can work independently or with a partner, depending on their designation, experience, and training.


Police Day: Malaysia

VLEOA Board of Advisors' member and Associate Professor Dr Cheah Phaik Kin is a volunteer police constable in the Police Volunteer Reserve of the Royal Malaysia Police. She writes about the experiences.


DC Reserve Officers

VIDEO: VLEOA Board of Advisors' member Marvin "Ben" Haiman talks about D.C.’s police department reserves. This reports focuses on volunteers who continue to step in and provide a valuable resource to the city.


Los Angeles Reserve Policing

The LA County Sheriff's Department has 570 reserve deputies who do search and rescue, patrol the streets and perform a long list of other duties such as working in the Homicide Bureau. The LAPD has around 400 reserve officers. 


Reserve Officers: Featured Article

The number of sworn law enforcement officers is decreasing, even as rates of violent crime are rising.  One proven step that law enforcement agencies can take to address the shortages is to implement — and continue — reserve officer programs.


Police Chief: Featured Article

Citizen volunteer police (and part-time police) can be part of an effective model to meet sudden planned or unplanned needs for an increase in personnel and as a way to create a bond with the communities they serve. 


Featured Article: Singapore Police

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) celebrates hiring women officers into its ranks. In 2014, women volunteer officers made up about 20% of the VSC. Today they make up 30%.


Ride-along with Volunteer Police

Dr. Laura Knight spent some time in Orlando to present at the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Annual Conference and, during the trip, she was invited to join a volunteer police officer for a ridealong during his evening shift in the tourism area of Orange County.


IACP Leadership in Volunteer Police Service

The IACP Leadership in Volunteer Police Service Programs Award recognizes international volunteer programs that demonstrate innovative, effective practices and improving service delivery to their communities. See video example: here

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NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt

Trauma surgeon Dr. Kenji Inaba, director of surgical ICU at USC, talks about how he swaps scrubs for a training uniform and a scalpel for a Glock as a reserve with the LAPD. Use the "click here for video" button below for the Lester Holt interview, or read his story in the USC News by clicking here.


A Stethoscope and a Badge

As a medical student and a reserve police officer, Faroukh Mehkri has found two ways to serve others. “Law enforcement and medicine are two things I’m passionate about,” Mehkri said. “It’s the perfect combination of what I want to do with my life.”


Neuroscientist with Police Badge

USC student and radiation oncology specialist Faisal Rashid recently became the LAPD’s first Bangladeshi sworn officer through its reserve program.


Seminole County (FL) Sheriff's Office

VIDEO: SCSO Reserve Deputy Freddy Pertuz, whose full-time job takes him all over the world, answered a personal call to serve after 9-11.


Malaysian study of Volunteer Police

VIDEO: Research on the motivations of volunteers in the Malaysian Police Volunteer Reserve (PVR), and the role of the PVR in the police force of Malaysia


Orange County (FL) Facebook Video

VIDEO: Orange County Sheriff's Office (FL) Reserve Deputies are fully sworn law enforcement officers who donate their time and expertise to the Sheriff's Office.


Celebrities as Volunteer Police

Some of these stars credit their characters with inspiring them to don the badge. Others left dangerous police work behind to pursue a career in show business. But what all of these celebrities have in common is a respect for law enforcement and a desire to help people.


Citizens as Volunteer Police

Beyond the need to do more with less, volunteering in police work can create a positive partnership between members of the community and their local government.


Accolades in Special Policing (UK)

Cheshire (UK) Special Constabulary Chief Officer Celvyn Jones has been honored with a Lord Ferrers Award. The Lord Ferrers Awards are the UK's most prestigious national awards for citizens in policing.

VLEOA Featured Books

Featured Book

Police Reserves and Volunteers: Enhancing Organizational Effectiveness and Public Trust

Using cases from a range of specialists and precincts, this edited volume provides a rare window into police administration from the state legislation that regulates police reserves in California to the local models observed in many counties and cities across the United States. Police Reserves and Volunteers offers volunteers, local elected officials, and law enforcement straightforward guidelines to enhance police goals and build public trust in local communities.

Featured Book

Volunteer Police, Choosing to Serve

Volunteer Police, Choosing to Serve (now in paperback and hardback) provides an in-depth comparison between volunteer policing in the United States and in the United Kingdom, and explores the shared past and similar—yet sometimes divergent—evolution of special constables, auxiliaries, and reserves.  A preview of the book is available here.

Featured Book

A Centennial of Service

The Phoenix Police Reserve: A Centennial of Service is a limited edition publication that chronicles and honors the history of the men and women who have served with the Phoenix Police Reserve.

December 31, 2018

Featured Book

Roadside Survival: Low-Tech Solutions to Automobile Breakdowns

This book is the foundation for a package available to all law enforcement agencies to empower officers to win hearts and minds with safe, simple, quick roadside assists. The package information is available here. Click the link below to visit the book's homepage.

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