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The Right Armor

Every day, the men and women of our police forces put their safety on the line to ensure the security of others. Tragically, 105 officers died in 2013 in the US alone. While absolute safety can never be guaranteed in the line of duty, body armor can help save lives, and reduce the severity of injury.  (more)  

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Can Save Your Life

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Latest News

Doctor serving as auxiliary trooper rescues deli diner

At her favorite deli, 89-year-old Beth Chalmers had just ordered her usual undefined pastrami on seeded rye, cole slaw and a pickle undefined when suddenly, she said, she could no longer speak.

Seconds later Chalmers was on the floor of the Pastrami Club and two uniformed Florida Highway Patrol troopers lunching nearby were at her side. (more)
Shaquille O’Neal wants to attack crime as a Reserve in Florida

Former Miami Heat star Shaquille O’Neal applied to be a reserve police officer for the city of Doral on Wednesday.

O’Neal stopped by Doral’s City Council chambers to say hello before sitting down with the police chief.
The 7-foot-1 O’Neal is still going throughthe application process as well as a background check, city
spokeswoman Christina Baguer said. (more)

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VLEOA Member's Agencies

Abintgon Township Police Dept. (PA)
Alachua County Sheriff's Office (FL)
Arcadia Police Dept. (FL)
Athens Police Dept. (AL)
Belmont Auxiliary Police (MA)
Billerica Auxiliary Police (MA)
Bullitt County Sheriff's Office (KY)
Charlotte County Sheriff's Office (FL)
Cherocreek Nation Police (OR)
Chesapeak Sherriff’s Office (VA)
City of Melrose Auxiliary/Special Police (MA)
City of New York Police Dept. (NY)
Coleraine Police Dept. (MN)
Collier County Sheriff's Office (FL)
Colorado Mounted Rangers (CO)
Cumberland County Sheriff's Office (NC)
Denton County Sheriff's Office (TX)
El Paso County Sheriff's Office (C0)
Elyria Police Dept. (OH)
Florida Highway Patrol Auxiliary (FL)
Framingham Auxiliary Police (MA)
Freeport Auxiliary Police (IL)
Hagerstown Police Auxiliary (MD)
Harrisonburg Police Dept. (VA)
Hastings Police Reserve (MN)
Hawley Police Dept. (MN)
Haymarket Police Dept. (VA)
Hendersonville Police Dept. (TN)
Holly Hill Police Dept. (FL)
IAPA- International Auxiliary Police Association
Jefferson County Sheriff's Office (AL)
Lafayette Police Dept. (LA)
Lake County Sheriff's Dept. (IL)
Lake Placid Police Dept. (FL)
Lamar County Sheriff's Office Reserve (MS)
Los Angeles Police Dept. (CA)
Manatee County Sheriff's Office (FL)
Maricopa County Sheriff's Office (AZ)
Maryland Heights PD (MO)
Milton Auxiliary Police (MA)
Natick Auxiliary Police Dept. (MA)
New Mexico Mounted Patrol (NM)
Niagara County Auxiliary Police (NY)
Onondaga County Auxiliary Police Dept. (NY)
Ontario Provincial Police (CAN)
Orange County Sheriff's Office (FL)
Ossining Auxiliary Police (NY)
Pasco County Sheriff’s (FL)
Portsmouth Police Dept. (VA)
Protection Police Dept. (KS)
Rahway Auxiliary Police Dept. (NJ)
Royal Cayman Islands Police Service
Saanich Reserve Police (CAN)
Schenectady County SPCA (NY)
Seminole County Sheriff's Office (FL)
Singapore Police Volunteer Special Constabulary
Springfield Auxiliary Police (NJ)
St. John Police Dept. (MO)
St. Joseph County Police (IN)
Stamford Police Dept. (CT)
Suffolk Special Constabulary (UK)
Tequesta Police Dept. (FL)
Toronto Police Service (CAN)
Torrance County Sheriff Dept. (NM)
TSA / Maricopa County Sheriff's Posse (AZ
Walton County Sheriffs Office (FL)
Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office (MI)
Waterloo Regional Police Service (CAN)
Wauatosa Police Reserves (WI)
William and Mary Police Dept. (FL)
Williamson County Sheriff’s Office (TN) Top
Wilson County Sheriffs Office (TN)

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