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VLEOA Offers Support to Volunteer Police Organizations.

The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) recently published "Volunteers in Policing" documents with information on the positive role that police volunteers can make in an agency- and recognized VLEOA as an organization for information sharing!  Click the link below (IACP members will be asked to log in).

VLEOA writes to Governor of Massachusetts about improper implementation
of the "Justice, Equity, and Accountability Act" as it relates to volunteer police

Open as pdf


See full three-page letter here:

VLEOA Press Release on Professionalism in Policing and Community Trust

Open as pdf

v_2 July 1 press release.JPG

VLEOA Letter sent to Florida Retirement System on behalf of Florida Reserves

Open as pdf


An Open Letter from the VLEOA Board of Directors to the

Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA)

regarding changes in accreditation standards regarding reserve policing

Open letter as pdf


VLEOA particpates in Point Blank Body Armor Reserve Officer Program Press Release

The VLEOA is a tax-exempt 501-C (3) public charity organization that has quickly become the leader in the training and support of volunteer, reserve, and auxiliary law enforcement officers world-wide. 

One unique aspect of our Alliance is our ability to assist sheriffs, chiefs of police, county commissions, and city councils in the formation or expansion of volunteer policing programs, which allow communities to maintain the safety and security of their citizens during challenging economic times, and immerse properly trained citizens into policing.    



To assist in the formation, expansion and training of state, county and city volunteer law enforcement units and to promote awareness of the role of the volunteer officer in providing for the safety of the citizens of their communities. The VLEOA will strive to be the leader in the training, support and service to the reserve and auxiliary law enforcement officer by providing a network for the exchange of ideas and information.


Code of Ethics



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